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Need ideas for room decoration?

Change the colour of your wedding room with led Up Lights to a colour that suits your choice. Whatever the colour, we will make your room into a warm vibrant transformation. Commonly called Mood Lights, Mood Lighting, Up lights and uplighters. They are easily fitted and with a simple flick of a switch. Any room can be transformed completely into a single colour or multiple colours of your choice.

Led Up Lights. Our up lights can totally transform the look of any room by adding colour to normally a very bland wall. They will also look fantastic against a fairy-light backdrop. Set six uplights into any backdrop and you will have a stunning spash of light from floor to the ceiling.

Set to a single static colour or an array of mood changing colours. Which can either scroll through many different colour changing sequences.

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LED Mood Lights

From slow fade to sound to light, the choice is fantastic. From the most Gorgeous pink, blue, green, white, red and orange, the colours will suit any theme you may have.

We are currently hiring the up lighters for £15 per light.

Taken with our starlite dance floor, or our starlight ceremony aisle we will reduce the cost £5 per unit.

LED Up lights

LED Up lights are an ideal solution for you if you want;

  • one particular wall, or an entire venue to transform splashed with colour.
  • to create an atmosphere by use of mood lighting or mood lights.
  • are having a wedding reception or party, and want to completely transform the colour of your venue.

Any venue can be transformed by elegant LED uplighting. Creating the perfect mood and atmosphere for your event. More Picture can be found here

Uplighters Mood Lights starlite dance floor Balmoral Hotel up lights pink the wedding disco dj skip alexander up lighters mood lighting

Wedding Decor Lighting – Up Lighters

Weddings and receptions are the most popular venues to use LED Up lights. Making the venue come alive with colour to look fantastic for your big day.

Up lights or uplighters can be used during your entire wedding event. They do not heat up and therefore are extremely safe to touch. Should any young child were to touch them by mistake.

We can set them up well in advance of the wedding. Positioning the lights to flood as much space as possible or highlighting specific areas.

Call or Email skipalexanderdj@gmail.com now to hire LED uplighters for your wedding.

LED Up lighters are fast becoming an affordable and effective solution for any event.  Six to Ten lights can change the colour of any room. Creating a completely new and professional look for any special occasion.

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