Gallery Page

Welcome to our Gallery page or wedding photograph albums.

Past weddings & events that we done will be here.

All pictures are taken by myself and are similar to what I supply to the B&G on a dvd disc.

There is a lot more pictures on our Facebook and twitter page so pop on over. Those pictures will be a lot more up to date then this pages.

Funny Wedding Pictures

Over the next few weeks I will cram this page with photographs of wedding party’s. From guests doing ‘rock the boat’, ‘Cha Cha Slide’ to happy couples doing a 1st dance to their favourite song.

Wedding Party Special Dance

Wedding Video Gallery. Bridal party dances are always great to watch. I have taken a few videos of the special dances that groom and brides have done.

They are amazing to watch and a few videos will also be here.

Also the best bridal party dances that I have had the pleasure to be part of over the last few years.

Each one is fantastic and will bring a smile to your face I’m sure as it did for me on the night in question.

Father daughter dance

Tears of laughter and sadness.

led Dance floor picture Gallery

Here we will put loads of stunning Starlite Dance Floor pictures from ceremony aisles to catwalks to first dance.

Wedding Photographs

If you have been at a wedding we have done and have a good video you would like us to put on here on our gallery page, please send it to us all our contact details are below.

To find out more get in touch click here.

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